About Us

We are a new and exciting out of school care provider in Edinburgh, opening our first provision at Hermitage Park Primary School in 2015.

Basing our care around the social development of your child and giving children the opportunity to try new activities each month gives them a great time and a fun experience. Understanding each child as an individual means we tailor our care to each child’s needs. During our initial meeting we want to understand what your child enjoys so we can offer him/her the smoothest transition and most enjoyable time with us.

We offer a huge range of activities and a key aspect of SocialBall Kids is offering new and novel opportunities. We offer and encourage an outdoor based activity each day and bring in specialists in sports, dance, music and arts to give a full and enjoyable experience.

We take the children out on regular trips to exciting and unique places and always involve the children in choosing where to go next.


Our Aims

To provide opportunities to develop children and young persons sociable skills

To provide opportunities to develop children and young persons confidence

To provide opportunities to ensure children get the most out of life

To give parents flexibility in their careers