– Transition

Your child’s start at the club is an important time, we want your transition to be as comfortable as possible whether it be from nursery, a different school or starting the club.

We offer a tour day, trial day, buddy system and a keyworker meeting before your child begins.
Tours days are available at your convenience. Please contact us and we can arrange a day to suit you.

Our trial days can begin from the term before school starts and your child can join in with any of the activities.

Our buddy system makes sure all the kids have someone to look after them and introduce them to the other kids. It is key in developing each child’s social skills with the responsibility placed in the buddy and your child to be introduced to the activities and peers at the club.

Our key worker will spend some individual time getting to know your child before their first day to make sure the things they like are put in place for the first day.

We want you and your child to have the best time at our clubs, if there is anything else you need don’t hesitate to let us know.