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Terms and Conditions

This contract sets out the terms of the out of school care place provided by SocialBall Kids to your child.

Fee payment is one month fees in advance prior to your child starting SocialBall Kids. The first fee is due approximately 17th July for the following August. Failure to pay fees by the due date will result in the offer of the place being withdrawn. An annual registration fee of £21 is required to secure your child’s place. A 5% surcharge will be levied on all payments over 21 days late and consistent late payment may result in withdrawal of the space. Costs will be reviewed on an annual basis.

A 3% administration charge applies to each transaction unless a standing order, childcare vouchers or monthly bank transfer is your method of payment

The school year has been calculated as 40 weeks and the weekly charge will remain constant throughout the school year, irrespective of in service days or Edinburgh City Council public holidays.

The club closes promptly at 6pm and we ask that you collect your child prior to this time. We are required to vacate the building at 6pm, as such we have a late fee policy - 0 to 5 minutes late will result in a £5 and above 5 minutes late is £20.

The club will provide a snack of fruit or similar, if you wish please provide a larger snack. We do not provide lunch, on days where lunch is needed please provide this.

On occasion external trips out with the local area may incur a small additional charge.

Parents must inform the club if the child is unable to attend as soon as is reasonably possible. As the running costs remain the same it is not possible to give any reduction for these days.

Primary 1 and 2 children will be collected from their classes. Primary 3 – 7 should make there own way to the hall. For children that attend schools other than Hermitage Park there is a designated meeting place such as the reception area for P3-7 to meet the younger children before we walk to the after school club as a group.  Any non appearance of a P3-7 child will result in a telephone call to the parent by the play leader to advise them of the situation. This is where the clubs responsibility ends.

Children attending the club are authorised by the parents/guardians to participate in local off site visits, for example a visit to the park.

The club will not be held liable for damage or loss to personal possessions. Please ask your child not to use a mobile phone whilst in the club.

Parents of children partaking in activities at SocialBall Kids agree that video or photos may be used in marketing materials by SocialBall Kids.

Holiday Club days require 14 days notice to cancel otherwise a full day's fee will be charged.

Only authorised persons may collect the child, you as the parent/guardian agree to notify the club in writing if you wish to change the authorised persons.

Parents wishing to change, increase or decrease sessions must give one months notice in writing to SocialBall Kids. SocialBall Kids will try to accommodate all changes.

Parents wishing to terminate their child’s place at SocialBall Kids are required to give one month notice in writing. In the event of notice not being provided one month’s fees in lieu of notice will be charged. In the event SocialBall Kids should need to terminate the child’s place, one months notice will be given.

SocialBall Kids reserves the right to refuse or exclude a place a child that is incompatible with the well being and safe running of the club in line with our policies and procedures. Any costs incurred including damages will be passed on to the parents/guardians.

In some occasions due to circumstances beyond our control, activities may need to change at short notice.

We will endeavour to provide alternatives to the children.

All data is stored in line with the data protection act and the Information Commissioner's Office.

SocialBall Kids does not accept liability for personal injury or death of any participant unless caused by the proven negligence of SocialBall Kids or its servants. SocialBall Kids does not accept liability for the loss or damage of any property belonging to participants. SocialBall Kids accepts no responsibility for losses or additional expenses in the event of cancellation or change due to delays in travel services, strikes, disasters, war or the threat of war, acts of terrorism, quarantine, weather, sickness or any event outside the control of the company