Non Stop Fun At Social Ball Kids Easter Holiday Club

What a great Easter, the kids had so much fun bouncing around at clown around, 3 hours a day of soft play and they didn’t stop. The next day everyone was ready for another day of fun. Our trips were really successful; the kids found it hard to pick there favourite so we thought we would give you a look at each of them. We had Soft play and trampolines everyday, hidey tig at 7:45 was excellent fun.

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Social Ball Kids Easter Holiday Club

Day of Easter fun,

Our day started off with Soft play before a behind the scenes tour of Tesco, the big freezer was a great highlight as was the cookie decorating and Easter eggs. Heading to the park for a few games, football, tag and stick in the mud were the choices then back to soft play.

Lauriston Castle and the amazing “ShieldBall”

We headed out to the castle by bus, on arrival the kids found the best spot next to a massive green area, climbing trees and hiding places. First up was hide and seek before we designed and created our cardboard shields. We decided that a game of dodge ball was in order, but wait, we could use the shields and combine in with stick in the mud rules. Behold the new game “ShieldBall” (patent pending). I think the kids totally won this game. A bit of tree climbing and forest walks before we headed back to Leith as an excellent castle themed day drew to a close.

Sports Day

What a great day, the highlight was the introduction of cricket, many of the kids hadn’t played before so the rules became flexible. It was great to see them fit into teams and manage the game themselves. Oversized rugby and football worked a treat, although it was hard keeping them close by with the wind blasting them across the park. Our obstacle course proved a hit, the adults couldn’t fit through the tunnel so again the kids won that games.

Day of Cardboard City

Massive boxes Cello tape, art materials. We had the idea to build the biggest castle, the kids thought it would be better to knock it down and hide in the boxes so we had a great game of dodge ball (or throwing a ball against a giant box with kids inside). Inside we had some arts and crafts and dancing before the kids decided to put on a gymnastics show. A creative day with a lot of recycling.


What can I say that the pictures don’t. Outdoors with sticks and logs to build some fantastic dens. The kids arranged themselves into different roles, Builders and stick collectors (some were more like logs than sticks). It was great to see some great communication between them. The dens looked great I’m sure you’ll agree. We gave the kids a chance to use there tactics and strategy in a game of capture the flag. Defenders attackers and the runners, there was no way we were keeping up with there speed. After lunch we went for a bug & pine cone collecting adventure, caterpillars wood louse and spiders among the finds. It was good to see the kids breaking up some dead wood to find the hidden bugs. A good wash of the hands before heading back to soft play.

Bike Track

Bike maintenance, tyres pumped, scooters calibrated and a BMX track. It took a while to get started but once we were up and running off we went. The improvement from the beginning of the day to the end was great. From not wanting to go down one hill to racing round the whole track in a couple of hours. I think we would’ve stayed all day if we could. Everyone loved this activity from the oldest to the youngest.

Body works doctor

Who wouldn’t want to race a wheel chair. We started off with finding out how our stomach digests food; squelching food (bread), liquid (water) and acid (green fizzy stuff) in our stomach (zip lock bag) before it goes through our intestines and out of our bodies. Very messy, very informative and very fun. Next up was some crime solving, the only clue was a foot print. Everyone got a foot stamp (similar to fingerprinting) and our forensic said they could tell how we slept just from the print. Spooky. Lunch time in the student hall, loads of attention on the young ones with all the students. After lunch we went through to see what it would be like to live with one arm, the one hand jam sandwich making was great. The kids got put in a sound proof room, peace and quiet for 10 seconds. Next off to theatre, a nice doctor offered to chop off some toes before we headed off the emergency room. No volunteers though.

Educational fun and something really different, that’s what Social Ball Kids holiday clubs are all about.

Science festival

End the holidays with a bang or a squelch or a chemical reaction. From developing your photo negatives to under the sea arts and crafts. Our planned sessions included electrical engineering, safaris and energise. Our unplanned sessions was everything we walked past, it was 6 hours of brilliant fun and so much to take home.

I know we all had a great time and are looking forward to the Social Ball Kids summer club and activities. Book now for an early discount and keep an eye on our face book page for updated activities.

We look forward to seeing you soon

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